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Germany Flag

Germany Flag
flag colors: black,red,gold
description: The national flag of Germany was adopted on 23 May 1949, by the Frankfurt Parliament and it has the proportion 3:5.

The flag is a tricolour of three equal horizontal bands: black, red, and gold (yellow).

The meaning of the colours of the modern flag are the republican democracy formed after World War II, but also associated with "liberal" nationalism in Germany, unity and freedom.

These three colours were also the colours of the uniforms of German soldiers during the Napoleonic Wars.

The color scheme Pantone for colour black is "Black", for red 485 and for gold 7405*.

The HTML Hexadecimals for black #000000, for red #FF0000 and for yellow (gold) it is used #FFCC00.

In RAL are: 9005 Jet black, 3020
Traffic red, 1021 Cadmium yellow.
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