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France Flag

France Flag
flag colors: blue,white,red
description: The national flag of France was adopted 15 February 1794 and it has the proportion 2:3.

The french flag is a tricolour with three vertical bands coloured royal blue, white and red. The colours adopted by Valery Giscard d'Estaing were darker.
In the Pantone it is used Reflex Blue, white - Safe and Red 032.
In the RGB scheme blue is (0,85,164), white (255,255,255) and red (250,60,50).
In HTML for blue it is used #0055A4, for white #FFFFFF and for red #EF4135.
Blue and red are the traditional colours of Paris.
Also blue signify Saint Martin and red the Saint Denis.
White was added to the "revolutionary" colors of the militia cockade to nationalise the design.

The meaning of the colours of the French flag may also represent the three main estates of the Ancien Regime: the clergy: white, the nobility: red and the bourgeoisie: blue.
The people of France beleve that white means peace and honesty, red - hardiness, bravery, strength, and blue - truth and loyalty.
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